Jack Farley, Web Application Engineer

Gallery Hierarchy

Gallery Hierarchy is a WordPress plugin that I created, mainly for personal use, but think other people may find it useful.

I created it as my partner and I were going on an OE (overseas experience - the term used when Kiwis go on a trip to experience the world outside of the Land of the Long White Cloud) and wanted to have a blog to share our stories and photos with family and friends back home.

Knowing that we were going to have quite a few photos, I wanted to be able to keep the photos well organised in hierarchical folders (as most people I would assume do). After having a look a the options for handling photos in WordPress, I found that none were able to do this well, so I set about making Gallery Hierarchy. My simple requirements were to be able to:

  • store images in hierarchical folders
  • be able to easily search and view images
  • be able to insert images easily into posts and pages.