Jack Farley, Web Application Engineer

Browning Pass HideAway Web Site

During my OE, one of the places we volunteered at was Browning Pass HideAway resort, a floating diving lodge just of the northeast tip of Vancouver Island. If you like diving and ever get a chance to go, go.

Their web site was in need of a refresh and I ended up having a couple of days before I left to come up with a simple update. The site was to have static pages containing information on the HideAway and a blog to upload updates and photos. I chose to use Wordpress for the site as it was capable of doing everything that was needed and then we could use the Gallery Hierarchy gallery plugin to organise all the photos.

The old web site
The old gallery was broken

I quickly came up with a simple design for the site that was able to be displayed on large and small screens.

The new web site
The new mobile web site is responsive